"Gauri is a medical Doctor with the heart of a midwife, doula and mother. She is caring and thoughtful practitioner, who fiercely believes in women's rights in labour; so while her quiet presence is nurturing and insightful, it is her underlying strength and commitment to her clients that really inspires trust. Gauri brings love, listening and warmth into busy and often highly pressured obstetric wards." - Robyn Sheldon, author of Mamabamba, teacher and midwife.

About Dr Gauri Lowe

Would you like a doctor that not only supports breastfeeding but can advise and assist you with it?

Would you like a doctor that listens and respects your birth plan?

Would you like a doctor that believes you can birth your baby naturally and beautifully?

As a mother, a doctor and a woman I empathise with the journey of being a woman in today’s world. I appreciate the choices we face about birth, parenting and our own and our child’s health. I understand the journey of pregnancy and childbirth as well as parenting. I understand the challenges of wanting what is right for our bodies, our children and family and for ourselves while balancing our intuition and the demands and expectations from society.

I am a medical doctor. I trained and studied in the Western Cape, South Africa. Having an appreciation of holistic and natural medicine I co-ran the Complimentary Medicine Society at medical school during my studies.

After the home birth of my first son in 2005, during my studies, I was deeply moved – experiencing an undisturbed physiological birth –finding an empowerment and part of myself I never knew existed. I wanted all women to have the opportunity to experience this too.

I spent my two electives on :

1. Understanding Homeopathy and,

2. The Role of Homebirths In Primary Health Care.

In 2012 I gave birth to my second son, in water at home – doing a lotus birth - delving even deeper into appreciating the depth and role of the placenta.

I was part of the committee putting on The Midwifery and Birth Conference in Cape Town in February 2013 – Improving collaboration and information to improve birth safety and satisfaction.

I am currently studying Botanical Medicine for Women under Dr Aviva Romm.

I call myself a holistic medical doctor as healing and wholeness is not only about the physical but healing our whole selves so we can be the best women and mothers – happily!

The wisdom of nature balanced with the art of medicine.

Dr. Gauri Lowe