Women’s Health

Holistic approach to managing and supporting women’s health issues. Using nutrition, herbs and lifestyle as well and / or medical management. Including basic investigations – blood tests, pap smears.

Supporting specialised medical management – with nutrition, herbs and lifestyle - of more specialised women’s health issues in conjunction with specialist care and treatment.

General health and wellness care for women.

Pregnancy Care

Prenatal Care for low-risk pregnancies.

Shared prenatal care (with a specialist) for a high-risk pregnancy (for example hypertension in pregnancy, diabetes or vbac).


Postnatal care including 6 week check-up for mother and baby.

SOULA counselling – connecting with your baby within for mothers or couples. (Becoming in tune with your baby and consciously creating a connection and communication that can guide the mother to release fears and feel supported in labour and for the baby to feel supported and content).


Attachment parenting support and advice.

Breastfeeding support and advice.


General GP services (including holistic advice) for the whole family.

Talks and Workshops

Talks, seminars, workshops on holistic approaches to women’s health, pregnancy, birth and infant care.

Support groups for women, pregnant women and new mothers.


Counselling - aligning with our inner voice.

Home visits within certain areas.